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The Municipal Committee consists of two District Chairs from each of the 12 voting districts in Pequannock. Every two years, District Chairs petition to be on the primary election ballot and are elected by their Democrat neighbors. 

Currently there are several openings for District Chairs on our committee. The Municipal Chair may appoint registered Democrat voters to serve as District Chairs in a district other than the one in which you reside if both positions in your voting district are filled and there are open positions elsewhere in town. 

For more information on becoming a District Chair, complete the form below.

Participate in meetings/events

All are welcome to attend our meetings and events. Only District Chairs and Executive Committee Members can vote on formal motions, but most of our meetings consist of open discussion of issues that are important to us or presentations by guest speakers. 

For up-to-date information on our meetings and events, follow us on social media. 

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 Map of voting districts in Pequannock

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