2021 Executive Committee

Chair – Megan Dempsey

Vice-Chair – Nicholas DeStefano

Secretary – Ann Marie Finnen

Treasurer – Toby Giardiello

Sargent-at-Arms – Paul Mahler

2021 Committee Reorganization

Candidates for District Chairs will be on the Primary Election ballots on June 8th, 2021. Your ballot will list the candidates for your voting district. If no candidates are listed, you may write-in a candidate (must be a registered Democrat). Write-in candidates must receive the same number of write-in votes as petition signatures needed (which is 1 for most districts). District Chairs are elected for two-year terms.

New Committee Members will join the committee at the June 14th, 2021 reorganization meeting of the Pequannock Democratic Committee. Executive officer positions for 2021-2023 will also be elected at that meeting.