DeStefano Sanna and Mielarczyk for Town CouncilPequannock deserves a Township Council that respects, values, and protects our residents, our environment, and our democracy.

Vote for Nicholas DeStefano, Alison Sanna and Henry Mielarczyk to ensure democracy in Pequannock works for us all. 

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Nick DeStefano headshot

Nicholas DeStefano


As a 30 year resident, Nick, along with his wife Jennifer, has raised two daughters, Allison and Sydney, here in Pequannock. Nick graduated from County College of Morris with a degree in Agricultural Technology. He is currently the Managing-Director of Nielsen-Elefante Nurseries in Lincoln Park, where he has worked for more than four decades.

In service to Pequannock, Nick is the Vice-Chair of the Pequannock Flood Advisory Committee. In this role, he has worked closely with the Town Council and has been instrumental in applying for and implementing the annual home elevation grant program for residents living in the most flood stricken areas of our township.

Nick also has personal experience with the cost savings of solar energy and has brought representatives from the solar industry to local programs to educate other residents on implementing renewable resources. 

Nick is an avid runner and accomplished musician, the lead singer in a local rock band, The Spiders, whose music has received airplay on radio stations across the nation. Nick believes he has much to offer in service to Pequannock and is eager to be a new voice for its residents on the Township Council.


Alison Sanna

Alison Sanna


Alison and her wife Beth are raising three children – 5-year old twins, Audrey and Evelyn, and 2-year old Lucas – along with their loving pup, Luna, in Pequannock. A proud lesbian, Alison looks forward to serving on the Township Council in order to build representation for ALL members of the Pequannock community.

Alison’s undergraduate degree is in History with a minor in Psychology, and she has a Master’s degree in Teaching Students with Disabilities, K-8. Alison has been teaching for 16 years, as a Kindergarten teacher and a special education teacher. She’s spent the last five years with North Jersey Elks Developmental Disabilities Agency. Alison supports local public education and knows how important it is that all students feel safe, welcome, and included in their school environment. When local government interjects partisan political viewpoints into school operations, this safe environment is threatened. Alison is committed to ensuring that does not happen.

She also wants to allow diverse voices to have greater input in the community. This can be accomplished through new Advisory Boards to the Township Council who take on local issues that have previously not been addressed. These efforts along with supporting Henry’s and Nick’s climate protection efforts will help keep Pequannock a safe, inclusive and beautiful town for her children to grow up and reside in as 5th generation Pequannock residents. 


Henry Mielarczyk

Henry Mielarczyk


Henry Mielarczyk is a proud Pequannock native, Eagle Scout, and PTHS graduate who has spent a lifetime serving the Pequannock community. 

Henry’s community service started when he was only 5 years old, helping collect groceries for a food drive with his older brother’s Cub Scout Pack. When he was in 1st grade Henry joined his brother’s Pack and for the next 12 years he volunteered in yearly Scout lead food drives, service projects, and lead his own Eagle Scout service project, building 6 benches for the basketball court at the Boys & Girls Club of Pequannock. 

As a Town Council Member, Henry will make sure Pequannock’s government serves the interests of the people. Henry is committed to transitioning Pequannock to 100% renewable energy by 2040, without spending a cent of taxpayer dollars, protecting our town from the next flood, and making our roads safer. Henry Mielarczyk is a progressive, bipartisan candidate with the experience and dedication to service that is needed to do the job of Pequannock Town Council Member.